Interested in using Twitter to market your next trade show exhibit? Good idea! Ever since Twitter won the Webby Award for Breakout of The Year , Twitter has been steadily gaining ground in the social media networking arena. In fact, according to research from Forrester, Twitter has grown in size by approximately 6-9 million registered users. Not too shabby indeed!

As such, it s no wonder why companies now successfully utilize Twitter to encourage people to visit your particular trade show display booth and even the trade show in general. How does one effectively use Twitter to encourage participation levels at your next trade show exhibit?

  1. Follow other businesses, organizations, and people who are relevant to your particular industry in hopes that they will follow you back. These Twitter participants can include business partners, colleagues, pre-registered trade show attendees, etc.
  2. Send out relevant tweets on a consistent basis.
  3. Within one week to a few days before your business appears at a trade show, ramp up your Twitter presence.
  4. During this time period, write about topics that include information about the product and/or services that you plan to showcase at your trade show display.
  5. If you wish to generate even more audience participation consider tweeting about potential giveaways and prizes that will be available at your trade show booth.
  6. As Twitter post retweets will result in substantially more exposure for your company consider, offering your Twitter followers relevant incentives. For instance, you can offer your Twitter followers a chance to win a prize if they retweet your posts.
  7. During the actual the trade show conference, update your Twitter account on a regular basis. Some topics to discuss include breaking news, conference sessions, new product offerings, the facility itself, summaries of seminars, etc.
  8. Continue to offer your followers incentives to visit your company s trade show display booth.

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