Worried about the expenses involved in exhibiting at trade shows? With the right planning and preparing, the results from your trade show display will more than pay for itself in a couple trade shows. Here are some ways you can enhance your trade show booth results and get the most out of your display system.

Do Your Research

Find out what shows your customers and competitors will be at. If you have new products on the market or want to enter a new market, find out where your target audience will be.

Have a Goal

Make specific goals from one show to the next to help measure the success of your trade show display booths. This could mean generating a certain number of leads or bringing awareness to your brand or new products. Your ROI can be calculated by dividing the expected revenue by estimated exhibiting costs.

Choose Your Staff Carefully

How many times have you walked past a show booth only to find the staff is too busy talking to each other, on the phone, or simply look like they would rather be anywhere else? Dont hire booth staff that have these qualities; instead, find people who have a positive, enthusiastic attitude and who will sell your brand with an optimistic approach. Attendees will want to stop by your portable trade show booth if they are welcomed in by people who want to be there.

Train Your Staff

Dont assume your employees will know what to do and how to interact with attendees at your trade show booths. Instead take time to train them. One way to do this is through role playing where one employee acts as the attendee and the other employee pinpoints the attendees needs or concerns and what products would best fit their needs. It may sound silly, but this type of training will help prepare your staff for questions or concerns that may come up at the trade show.

Effective Giveaways or Drawings

Hand out promotional items or products that your audience will find useful for an effective way for them to remember your companys name. For example, if you are an ice cream company, hand out ice cream scoopers with your logo on it. Another example would be for a dental company to hand out floss or tooth brushes with their company's name and phone number on it. Choose something related to your business that can be used on a daily basis.

Have a Lead Management System

After getting all of your leads information, sort the forms by those that are hot leads and those that are not as interested in your products or services. This can be done by labeling forms with an A, B, or C, A being the hot leads. Once this is done, the person who collected the lead information should be the one to contact them after the event (no more than 2 weeks after the show). This gives a more personalized feel.

Send Out Thank You Cards or a Small Gift

Send out thank-you cards or a small gift to leads, thanking them for taking the time to talk to you and for considering your company. Make sure to include a business card with your contact information.

These are just some ideas to get the best results at trade shows. What are some techniques that have worked for you at trade shows?