Marketing comes in all shapes and sizes, and are not only helpful in promoting your business in the public eye, but also in driving traffic to your trade show booth. There are several directions you can go in when it comes to getting the word out about your exhibit and promoting your company at the trade show, but here are some of the most common ways that you will be glad you did.

Pre-Show Marketing

This may seem like a no-brainer, but all too often exhibitors will expect people to come to their trade show display the moment they see it. The truth is that many attendees have an agenda before they even arrive at the event and already have an idea of what trade show displays they are planning on visiting. If you want to make their list of must-see booths, marketing ahead of time is important. Ask the trade show organizers for a list of attendees so that you can contact them through direct mail, emails, social media, or phone calls.

Don t Forget About Current Customers

Participating in expos is a great way to network with other professionals and to meet potential customers. However, showing appreciation to your loyal customers is a great way to continue getting their business and to make sure they will stop by your booth. Send out coupons or other special incentives to your customers that can only be redeemed at your custom booth.

Practice Your Elevator Pitch

Imagine that you are in an elevator and only have a few minutes to talk to talk to a potential customer. As you are speaking with each attendee, get straight-to-the-point and let them know why they should do business with you. Of course be cautious not to try to push people to buy your products, as it will result in them running from your trade show booth altogether. By using the elevator approach, you will cut down on the number of minutes you spend speaking to each person, which will give you the opportunity to connect with more people. Practice what you are going to say thoroughly before the event so that you are comfortable and confident when the time comes.

Use Promotional Literature

While you are in the middle of speaking with a possible lead, give other booth visitors something to educate them on your company, products, services, etc. Place literature racks near the aisles of your exhibit so they are easily accessible, as well as a stack of business cards. If you have too many people to talk to, at least these attendees will be able to leave the event with information on your business and contact information to reach you after the trade show is over.


One of the best ways to turn leads into customers is by following up with them after the event. This can effectively be done by sending handwritten notes thanking them for their time at the show, or phone calls allowing you to set up an appointment with them. Either way, don t let leads slip through your fingers by not contacting them afterwards. If they arent ready to buy your products yet, they will at least remember your name when they are ready. For ideas on how to qualify leads, make sure to read our blog article on the subject.

These are just a few of the ways you can marketing your trade show exhibit for a more successful event experience.