The most important piece of preparing for a trade show is having the right booth. Exhibitors spend hours designing the perfect trade show exhibits, it is not only the design your booth that will attract an audience. The right marketing strategy will not only draw people to your company on the trade show floor, but will also give your attendees something to talk about to their friends, co-workers, and family.

The following marketing ideas will help you gain the interest of your target demographic and boost the amount of leads you generate at the event.

1. Contact Your Target Demographic

Call, email, or send a letter to customers, leads, or registered attendees that will not only tell them about your show display booth, but also will introduce them to your company and products. A little personalization can go a long way. Instead of reading a script over the phone or sending out the same letter to everyone, customize it by referring to them by name or mailing out handwritten notes.

2. Create an Engaging Environment

Keep attendees interested through hands-on activities, entertaining presentations, interactive games, or contests. Whatever activities you decide to incorporate into your trade show booth should be related to the overall theme of your booth. For example, if you decide that you want to promote your products or a story that will help attendees connect to your company, make sure it is included in your contests, presentation, or whatever activity you decide to use.

3. Social Media is a Powerful Tool

Reach out to your followers and connections through Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn before, during, and after the show. Before the show, educate your audience on why they should stop by your display booth. During the show, post pictures of your show booth and staff, as well as what is going on what events are taking place. After the show, give your audience a recap of what happened at the trade show.

4. Convert Leads to Sales by Following up

Following up with leads after the convention is over is a critical step to turning these people into new customers. Reach out to your leads no more than 2 weeks after the event because if you wait any longer, these people may forget they spoke to you at the trade show. Following up can be done through emails, phone calls, or handwritten notes.

Trade shows are an effective way of boosting brand awareness, launching new products, or simply connecting with attendees and other exhibitors. With these 4 tips, you ll be able to gain the interest of your target demographic and turn them into customers.