trade show marketing tipsMarketing has drastically changed from where it was 20 years ago. More and more companies are taking out fewer newspaper ads and are turning to their social media pages to get the word about. It is only fitting that social media is to be used to promote your trade show booth.

However, this is not the only change that has been made in marketing. Here are 4 changes that have been made in the world of trade show display marketing:

1. Trade Shows are a Must

I m sure you have heard the saying, Seeing is believing, which is the main reason for the explosion in trade show exhibiting. Consumers don t want to just hear about how great your company or products are, they want to see it. Trade shows are the only marketing mediums that will allow the end-user to get an idea of how certain products or services work. This may come in the form of a hands-on demonstration, a presentation, or simply getting to ask the booth staff specific questions about the products.

2. Social Media is More Popular

One of the perks of using social media is the fact that it is very inexpensive and reaches a large audience, either locally or nationally. However, don t rely solely on your social media followers to increase your brand awareness. Instead, combine it with a trade show display for an unstoppable marketing campaign. If you are on a low budget, consider a rental display or a portable display, such as banner stands.

3. Displays are Becoming More User-Friendly

Display system vendors are creating more exhibits that are simple to assemble, lightweight, and can pack up compactly, allowing for low shipping costs and are simple to travel with. Even custom displays are becoming lighter and less stressful to put together.

4. Incorporate Technology

Attaching a plasma monitor or having an iPad stand or workstation will definitely catch the attendee s eye. This is an excellent way to boost the traffic at your booth.

Well, there you have it. The top 4 ways show marketing is changing and how to stay on top of those trends. I hope these tips will help you become a smash hit at your next event.