Why Your Trade Show Exhibit Isnt Getting ResultsOne of the most important factors that differentiate portable displays that gets tons of traffic from one that gets very little to no traffic will be found in this article.

The difference between a high-traffic trade show exhibit and one that struggles to get people to stop by could be because of one factor. It doesn t matter how small or large your booth is, if it doesn t have outstanding, attention-grabbing graphics, then you could be losing a lot of potential buyers. Your booth graphics need to be able to answer 3 very important questions in order to attract the right people:


- Who are you?

- What does your company do?

- What sets you apart from the competition?


Your show display will be your biggest marketing tool at the event, so having graphics that displays an accurate representation of your company is critical to getting plenty of traffic. So, if your booth is missing this important factor, then keep reading to create graphics that will make an impact.


Look From a Distance

If you have ever attended a trade show, think about trade show booths that you noticed from a distance? What did you notice about them? What got your attention and what didn t about the booth? Think about this as you design your graphics. What do you want attendees to be able to see from afar? Also, take into consideration that attendees won t be able to see your graphics at ground level unless they are right next to your exhibit, so add headers or other graphics that will easily be seen from across the show floor.


Keep it Simple

One of the biggest mistakes I have seen exhibitors do is trying to cram all of the information from your brochures onto the graphics. It will clutter up your booth and could make it difficult for attendees to figure out what it is your company does by simply scanning it. Keep the design simple by choosing one large image, displaying your company s name in an easy-to-see location, and keeping the text short by including no more than one or two short sentences. Any other information should be saved for your actual brochures or literature.


Use Bright Colors

Try to use bright, bold colors throughout your booth instead of neutral colors that will end up blending into the background. Reds, oranges, and yellows are all colors that will capture your audience s attention. Of course, the colors you choose should in some way go with the colors of your logo instead of randomly choosing some bright colors to use.


No Fancy Font

Instead of experimenting with different swirly, curly fonts, stick to plain ones that can easily be seen from a distance. If the fonts you opt to use are too fancy, attendees may not be able to read it, even if they are standing right next to your booth. Play it safe by sticking with Arial or Times New Roman type fonts. Also, the text should be large enough to read from the trade show aisles. Anything that is too small will end up getting lost in the design of your graphics.


Hire a Professional

If you are still stumped as to where to begin on designing your booth, hire someone who knows what they are doing. Some trade show display suppliers, such as Smash Hit Displays, have graphic design services available and are experienced in creating eye-catching graphics for booths. With all of the money you spend on your booth, the last thing you want are dull graphics. Unless you have designed graphics before, these professionals will be able to help you get the best ROI from your booth with striking graphics.


Whether you are still shopping for the right booth or have already purchased it, keep these tips in mind in order to get optimal results at the show.