As attendees are walking down the aisles looking the various trade show displays, the graphics will be one of the first things they will notice. Just by looking at it, the following questions should be answered:
  • What does your company do?
  • What products or services are offered?
  • Will I benefit from their products or services?

Keeping booth graphics clean will definitely make it easier to answer those questions. To do this, it will help to save all the detailed information for brochures and keep the text on the booth graphics short and sweet. Give just enough details to let your audience know who you are and what you do, but not so much information that you overwhelm attendees. Along with keeping the information short, there should only be one or two large photos that can easily be seen from the aisles. If too many are used, your exhibit booth may appear too cluttered and less desirable for people to want to stop by.

The colors used are also an important graphic attribute because it can set the tone for your entire show booth. Bright colors like red, yellow, and orange will add energy to the convention booth but should be used cautiously because if too many bright colors are used, some audience members may not want to stop by because the colors end up becoming the focus of the display booth instead of the information and images you have printed. Colors such as lavender, green, and blue will create a more calming feel. Your exhibit s color scheme has a lot to do with the type of industry you are in and what will attract your target demographic.

Whether you are using banner stands, pop up displays, or truss systems, well-designed trade show graphics will attract the right people to your booth, which will result in more leads and sales. If you would like any other booth design tips, please contact Smash Hit Displays at (877) 215-5355.