white space in tradeshow display graphicsIntroduction
Developing quality trade show display graphics requires more than simply slapping pictures on a banner or handout. Display graphics require a certain amount of finesse in order to best reach the public. For this reason it is important to carefully consider the impact of color versus white space on publicity and design materials. Correct use of display graphics can maximize the reach of any trade show display and the investment of time is well worth the return.

Color Schemes
An important aspect of your booth graphics to consider is that of color schemes. Many colors induce a certain unconscious or even conscious response in an audience. Research shows that teams wearing red tend to win more often than not. Red is not frequently used as a primary color simply because it has a tendency to produce strong emotions in people. Red, orange and yellow are considered warm colors that stimulate. Blue, green and purple are considered cool colors that tend to soothe or calm individuals. Defining a company with color can work well to produce the desired reaction in customers. A company that sells water skis might want to use blue to reflect the importance of water and could choose orange as a good accent color in order to stimulate clients about the thrill of water skiing.

Color versus White Space
While color is important to creating an attractive and interesting trade show display white space plays an equally important role. Display graphics that don t employ any white space tend to look crowded and chaotic and may leave prospective clients feeling overwhelmed.

White space balances a display and can help draw an individual s eye toward important concepts and information within the display. White space can also help create a more expansive feel. This is particularly important if a booth has narrow aisles or is tight on space. Balance of white space and color is absolutely essential to developing an attractive display.

Choosing the right colors is an important first step. It is equally important to remember to balance the right colors with the right amount of white space to create a memorable and favorable trade show display. Graphics are generally what an individual sees first so it is essential to create a well-balanced display that draws the eyes to the most important elements. Taking the time to carefully plan out all graphics will go a long way toward ensuring a good response from potential clients.