When you are walking through a trade show hall, the first thing you probably notice are the graphics. Each booth works like a billboard you see along the highway; the text, images, and colors should all intrigue the attendee to find out more about that company. If done correctly, attendees will also leave the event remembering your booth for many months, or even years, to come. On the other hand, if the graphics are designed poorly, the exhibitors’ efforts may completely be wasted. Attendees will most likely not remember that particular exhibitor or will have a negative memory of them.
Show attendees your professional side by having graphics that will resonate with them. Our blog articles are the first step in designing the perfect trade show graphics. If you still haven’t found the answer to your graphic dilemma through our blog posts, the graphic design team at Smash Hit Displays can design professional, eye-catching graphics for you.
Being a trade show exhibitor can be a stressful time, but can also be extremely profitable for your business if it is designed right. Check out our articles or call Smash Hit Displays for more design tips.

storyAside from the design of your booth, trade show graphics will be the first thing attendees will notice as they walk the aisles of the expo. Graphics that have too many pictures, text, or colors may seem like a great idea, but will actually reduce the number of people who want to stop by your display. In this case, less is more and will deliver higher amounts of traffic than a cluttered display system. Follow these tips for a successful display system that will give your audience an idea of what your business, products, or services are all about.

effective trade show exhibit graphicsIt doesn t matter if you are entering a trade show exhibit for the first time, or hundredth time, there are always so many things to consider. One of the most important pieces of your exhibit is the actual graphics used for the display. What constitutes excellent show graphics? What are the important elements? What are the goals for my display? All of these are great questions. Let s take a closer look at effective trade show graphics.
white space in tradeshow display graphicsIntroduction
Developing quality trade show display graphics requires more than simply slapping pictures on a banner or handout. Display graphics require a certain amount of finesse in order to best reach the public. For this reason it is important to carefully consider the impact of color versus white space on publicity and design materials. Correct use of display graphics can maximize the reach of any trade show display and the investment of time is well worth the return.

Hands-down, the most important element of a exhibit are the graphics. Trade show graphics are what grabs immediate attention, draws people in, and screams out your marketing message. Without trade show graphics, your display is nothing but a structure, hardly worth a glance. Graphics are the key that opens the lock to trade show success.

Trade shows can be extremely intimidating, especially if you are new to exhibiting. There are hundreds of flashy, enormous trade show displays that you are competing with. It is easy to see why some small businesses may doubt their ability to do well at these events when there are multi-billion dollar corporations to go up against. Don t underestimate the power of trade show graphics.

Has the economy drastically affected sales at your business? It may sound like it s out of your budget, but trade shows are an excellent resource to use to draw in potential customers even more so in this time of economic uncertainty. However, you can t just show up at a convention and expect to get results; it takes months of planning and preparations. When designing your trade show display, here are several things you should consider when designing your trade show graphics to get the most for your money.

Trade show display graphics are hot! The newest trend in the trade show industry is using full graphic trade show booths to effectively display your message and attract customers. While most people know they work, it is important to understand why, when designing a graphic backdrop.

3-second-ruleAs attendees are walking the trade show floor, they only take a few seconds to glimpse at the trade show displays until they find one that catches their eye. Whether you have a tabletop pop up display or a 20 x 20 truss system, your trade show graphics are going to be the first thing the attendees notice. There are some important graphic tips to keep in mind, but there s also some that you want to avoid.

As attendees are walking down the aisles looking the various trade show displays, the graphics will be one of the first things they will notice. Just by looking at it, the following questions should be answered:
  • What does your company do?
  • What products or services are offered?
  • Will I benefit from their products or services?