Elements of Quality Trade Show Display GraphicsYou have already chosen a custom trade show display as your best bet to maximise on a trade show potential, the most critical step but certainly not the final one. Now you have to decide on the design graphics of the booth.

Hiring a qualified designer is the first step to ensuring you get the most out of your display. A qualified and experienced graphic designer will work with you to ensure your custom booth can deliver your intended outcomes. Below are other steps to take into consideration when deciding on the graphics of your custom trade show display.

1. Keep it simple

The most common mistake made by exhibitors is having too many texts on the booth. Do not overwhelm your potential customers by filling every space with information; this can be done with a brochure. Keep your messaging simple, clear and to the point.

Also, be mindful of the placement of your graphics. Place essential elements higher to attract the kind of traffic you intend to draw.

2. Quality graphics

Consider chipping in more extra change to ensure you get high-quality stock photography. All the images in your booth should be of the best possible quality as trade show attendees will be getting close to them. The images should be high resolution and very clear up close as well as from a distance.

Quality graphics show you are keen on quality and will also give people more confidence in you and your brand.

3. Use appropriate font

Take your target audience into consideration when choosing the type of font to be used. Legibility is very important, especially for graphics to be visible from a distance. Your safest bet is to use no more than two types of font which are simple and easy to read as they are more professional. You can add decorative fonts, just be sure not to overdo it.

4. Structure and flow of information

Ensure that the graphics used work together to tell a unified, coherent story. The intended information should flow fluidly from one surface to the next. The color scheme and the design should also be uniform.

The panels should not break where they impede the legibility of content and clarity of images.

5. Confirm details

Be sure to confirm where each element of the physical booth will be so that they don't interfere with the graphics. Many are the instances where the booth will arrive being perfect only for you to realize accessories like the shelves, monitor, etc. affect the visibility of the graphics. Request to have the graphics rendered to confirm exact measurement and placement of the various physical elements of your booth.

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