custom display tipsMore than half of all small businesses find in-store custom displays quite effective in getting customers attention, according to a FedEx survey. Age of customers determined what signage and graphics potential customers found more appealing, according to the study. However, there are three design principles that any business owner needs to keep in mind when designing custom displays that are attention catching.

1. Eye-catching color

Larger brands use a specific color to convey their identity. Examples are such as coke's red, and MacDonald's yellow. While choosing a color for brand recognition, business owners should also consider trendy colors. But care should be taken not to select a color by giving too much consideration to what is the trend. Fashionable things quickly die off, and the favorite color of a given year may be an eyesore in the following year. Longevity is an important consideration when choosing your brands color. Check out our article on the impact of color versus white space for more trade show graphics' tips.

2. A custom display should be designed to be highly readable

A custom display designer should use color contrast to maximize readability. The reader's retention of what they read on your custom display is determined by the contrast between text on the custom display and the background colors on it. Related colors should not be used on the same custom sign. An example of what can work is such as a light color background with dark text. Where the color contrast is weak, a border around the text improves the readability of the text. In a nutshell, a well-designed custom display will catch the reader's eye immediately they see it and convey a message in a very short time span.

3. Make sure the letters are large

Larger letters are easier to read, and so the size of your text must be large enough. If your custom display is for use in a conference, for instance, viewers should be able to read your message from a significant distance. The letters should be about 10 inches, at least. Such letter sizes should be legible even from 100 feet. The typeface you use should also not be stylistic as it reduces readability from a distance. A well-designed custom display should have a simple font.

Taking Care of Custom Displays

After you have decided on how you want to design your custom display, you may want to get it produced in bulk. Producing several of them, or perhaps needing to store many of them for delivery to other locations raises the issue of caring for them.

You can store your custom displays in a warehouse, taking extra care not to damage them at all. A temperature controlled warehouse would be the best place to store such displays. But what if you do not have enough space to store such displays? You can rent space in warehouses that store custom displays, but be sure the facility will provide excellent care.