outdoor trade show displaysAre you attending an outdoor event or use outdoor displays for your business and are looking for a quality product that can withstand the elements while also attracting traffic to your business? Then you have come to the right place. Smash Hit Displays is your one-stop shop for all things custom displays.

Outdoor displays are popularly used in outdoor fairs and as a sidewalk and storefront advertisement by businesses. They can also be used by educational institutions in the advertising of curriculum programs. Their uses are endless.

Outdoor custom displays undergo varied conditions of humidity, warmth, cold etc. as they are exposed to environmental elements on a daily basis. This means they require special care to ensure they last a long time, remain attractive enough to draw people to your business through this period and help you realise a sizeable return on investment from them.

When you come to us for your outdoor display, we pay particular attention to ensure we understand the type of environment you operate in. This enables us to use the most suitable materials that can withstand the elements in your environment, assuring you of long service life. Our updated technology also provides you with images and graphics of high resolution, and that will weather decently and remain visible for a long time.

Never had an outdoor custom display for your business? Well, a random group of people were selected for a survey study on the impact of displays on their purchasing choices. 76% of them said they had entered a store they had never gone to previously purely on the attraction of their banners and outdoor displays. 68% of them indicated they believed the quality of a business' display directly correlated with the quality of services and products they expect to receive. From this, it is safe to conclude that having the highest quality outdoor display will help you draw maximum attention to your business.

At Smash Hit Displays, we provide you with the highest quality outdoor custom displays at the most affordable prices. We can tailor your custom displays to suit your specific environment, one that can withstand the elements unique to your location. Our design team can work with you every step of the way, to ensure you get what you want. We have heavily invested in the most updated printing technology that allows us to provide you with the most precise images and fonts assuring you of maximum visibility for your outdoor custom displays.

Call us for all your custom display needs. Also, make sure to check out our custom trade show displays' blog for more design tips.