Galaxy Pedestal 4f962360ea12bIn every trade show or exhibition you participate, you may need trade show display counters to display your work. At trade shows or exhibitions, you have less than 5 seconds to catch the eye of the people in attendance, and to this reason, you need something that is unique and will stand out from the rest to get people flocking to your booth.

Visual appeal is very crucial in inviting people to your booth. At Smash Hit displays, we understand this concept and offer you a wide variety of display tables, counter tops and pedestals, fabric counter tops, folding tables, kiosks and works stations, all of which are designed to fit your need.


Types of counters:

Symphony counters

These counter tops are very easy to assemble and have a unique design for displaying your work; whether any form of literature or merchandise. Symphony counters comes in nine original shapes and beautiful colors all for your choosing:

Symphony Bullet Counter. This counter has an attractive bullet like shape, is easy to set up and has a variety of coping colors.

Symphony Oval Double Grand Counter: This sleek design brings beauty to your trade booth with its modern colors.

Symphony 3 Quad Kit Counter: This has three counter displays brought together and is very easy to set up.

Symphony Corner Kit Counter: Best for use in tight spaces.

Trade show counters

There are exhibition desks and tables that not only stand out due to its design and vibrant color but are simple to set up and transport. Due to their unique design, it gives an official office look to your exhibition booth. 

Orbital Truss Counters

This smash hit display counters have fabric tension and modular counters all of which fit your budgets and design. In this group, you will find the flip Kit 04, Vector light box R-05 rental, Satellite exhibit booth and aero show display banner among many others.

Trade Show Work Stations

This station works best with any of Smash hit display XR. It comes with a 4-light canopy that will eliminate your product displayed. This simple yet elegant station only weights 90lbs making it light and easy to transport. Due to their versatility and design, they can also be used at your work office to display your products.

These stations come in a variety of styles including KTK-1120 Workstation, LTK1100 Workstation, LTK-1126 Showcase, LTK-1122 Workstation and TF-1100 Banner.

Fabric Tension Counters

These easy to assemble counters are very light in weight and easy to transport. They come with a show stand, pedestal and counter that when assembled, give you a unique booth table for your products.

Other than coming in different colors, fabric tension counters come in a variety such as the show booths, Island trust display rental, exhibition booth, vector booth convention counter 05 among many others.

Custom Workstations and Displays

These displays transform your presentations with its unique, innovative and very stylish additions that come with it. There are over 100 portable and custom creations that are offered in this variety.