custom displaysMany of our customers are opting to use custom trade show displays for their upcoming events. These stunning, one-of-a-kind display systems can be built around the owners’ specifications, allowing them to have a booth that is unlike any other. Custom displays come in a wide range of sizes and configurations as a way to work around an exhibitor’s budget and size requirements.

If you are stumped as to where to even begin shopping for a custom booth, the first step should be to call a trusted, reputable trade show display company, such as Smash Hit Displays. The next step is to take into consideration these different types of booths to determine which one is right for you and your exhibiting needs.

Vector Frame Light Boxes

This is one of the newest custom displays to hit the market. It has a simple design that is similar to our portable displays, yet also comes with LED lighting. The LED lighting allows you to illuminate the graphics for a more eye-catching design. The sizes range from banner stand size to 10 x 10. 

Backlit Displays

Similar to the Vector Frame Light Boxes, the Backlit Displays use LED lighting to brighten up the graphics. These booths are ideal if you need a little extra signage for your larger trade show booth. It comes in table top, 8 foot, and tower sizes for a way to draw attention to your booth and bring awareness of your company on the event floor.

Island Displays

Island Displays are one of the most popular types of custom displays because of the large, open layouts and impressive stature. The best part about these intricately-designed booths is the fact that they can be seen from every angle of the trade show floor. Some of our Island Display options also come with semi- to fully-private rooms, which are perfect for holding meetings, closing sales, or just having a quiet place to talk to attendees.

Trade Show Display Rentals

If there is one display booth that has been growing in popularity over the past several years it would be the trade show display rentals. These booths do not require any sort of long-term commitment, which will cut down on the cost. Exhibitors who would like a display system for just one or two shows, would like to try a booth before buying it, or do not have the means to purchase a custom display at the moment should consider trade show rentals.

Custom displays can be designed by the exhibitor from the ground up or pre-designed booths are already available for your choosing. For more information on these popular booths, contact Smash Hit Displays.