Xspance 20 x 20 4fbd26f36f7ceIt is a known fact by all avid trade show exhibitors and attendees that a custom trade show display is one feature that helps you have an impact in any trade fair or event. The trade show display design to be specific is one element that can have a tremendous effect on your marketing goals at any trade fair or event.


Custom trade show display design

What gives a custom trade show display its edge is its ability to be fully customizable, i.e., bespoke. Every element of the booth best suited for the intended trade show goals is decided on by the trade show exhibitor. When choosing a design, you should consider three main points:

1. What are your trade show goals?

Some of the primary trade show goals include:

• Attracting traffic to the booth

• Promoting brand awareness

• Promoting products and services

• Generating positive leads

The booth design is one of the leading elements that support these trade show goals. It is essential that you interact with the exhibit design partner throughout the design process and communicate precisely how you want the design to achieve your set goals.

2. How much will it cost?

Granted, custom trade show displays can be a bit on the pricey side. This cost generally cannot be avoided considering the work that goes into creating them. However, there are a few things to take into consideration that may lower the overall cost for you as the exhibitor.

One is to ensure that you prioritize design features that are most important in achieving your overall exhibition goals and foregoing design elements that are expensive but have the least impact.

3. Who is going to make it?

Carefully selecting the right exhibit partner is a crucial step to achieving the best design for your trade show booth. Researching and choosing the right partner will save you the struggles of dealing with an incompetent partner and ending up with an expensive unsatisfactory product that you'll most likely be forced to use.

Be sure to precisely communicate your exact needs to your exhibit partner and have their assurance that they can fulfill them within set deadlines and budget. Prioritise partners who have been in the field for longer and had more experience with custom displays. Also, check on what previous clients have to say about the quality of products and services they have received from the selected partner.

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