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Custom Trade Show Displays

Xspance 20 x 20 4fbd26f36f7ceIt is a known fact by all avid trade show exhibitors and attendees that a custom trade show display is one feature that helps you have an impact in any trade fair or event. The trade show display design to be specific is one element that can have a tremendous effect on your marketing goals at any trade fair or event.

Custom trade show display design

What gives a custom trade show display its edge is its ability to be fully customizable, i.e., bespoke. Every element of the booth best suited for the intended trade show goals is decided on by the trade show exhibitor. When choosing a design, you should consider three main points:

1. What are your trade show goals?

Some of the primary trade show goals include:

• Attracting traffic to the booth

• Promoting brand awareness

• Promoting products and services

• Generating positive leads

The booth design is one of the leading elements that support these trade show goals. It is essential that you interact with the exhibit design partner throughout the design process and communicate precisely how you want the design to achieve your set goals.

2. How much will it cost?

Granted, custom trade show displays can be a bit on the pricey side. This cost generally cannot be avoided considering the work that goes into creating them. However, there are a few things to take into consideration that may lower the overall cost for you as the exhibitor.

One is to ensure that you prioritize design features that are most important in achieving your overall exhibition goals and foregoing design elements that are expensive but have the least impact.

3. Who is going to make it?

Carefully selecting the right exhibit partner is a crucial step to achieving the best design for your trade show booth. Researching and choosing the right partner will save you the struggles of dealing with an incompetent partner and ending up with an expensive unsatisfactory product that you'll most likely be forced to use.

Be sure to precisely communicate your exact needs to your exhibit partner and have their assurance that they can fulfill them within set deadlines and budget. Prioritise partners who have been in the field for longer and had more experience with custom displays. Also, check on what previous clients have to say about the quality of products and services they have received from the selected partner.

At Smash Hit Displays, we guarantee only the best in Custom Displays with the exhibitor needs as our primary focus.

Custom Trade Sho 4fbeac82e6c0cThere are various types of trade shows displays to suit different business needs. They vary in structure, versatility, and portability. They can be purchased off the shelf or tailor made to suit a business's display requirements. The ease of setup also varies depending on whether it's a simple or an elaborate trade show display. One can choose to purchase or rent a trade show display. Bespoke displays though expensive help a business to attract more visitors to their booth. High traffic ultimately translates to increased sales and revenue.

Building a custom trade show display
Depending on trade show display budget and functionality, trade show displays can be custom made for exhibitors. They are made from scratch to match the customer's specifications. All measurements including width and height are provided by the client. They are 100 percent unique and are made with the company's corporate colors in mind. The designs and materials used are one of a kind ensuring that your booth stands out. Custom displays are ideal when launching new products. They are also used to gain a competitive edge, especially when participating in a trade show with your competitors. It's a way of flexing your muscle. Custom modular displays are a great but cheap alternative to custom display. They are made of interchangeable components which allow greater flexibility. You can use the same parts to create a new look for every trade show you participate. They are easy to set up, affordable without losing its high-quality status.


Custom trade show displays create more impact compared to off the shelf displays. There is zero chance of bumping into someone with a similar display. Your bespoke display will stand out from the pack, ensuring visitors throng your booth. A business expresses its individuality more with a custom trade show. You contribute to the creative process, thus incorporating design elements that you think will help draw visitors.

Specific goals
Depending on what you want to achieve at the trade show, the display can be built to meet those objectives. Inform the vendor of your goals such as meet customers, close deals, or launch new products. The display is then constructed in a way to facilitate the realization of the objectives. For example, interactive, high-quality displays are ideal for launching new products.

Return on investment
A custom trade show displays use the company's colors and designs which usually matches its products. You will spend more than the exhibitor using a bland off the shelf display, but you will attract more trade show attendees. Brand visibility increases sales, revenue, and returns on investment. Make sure to also take the time to plan and measure your pre-show ROI for exceptional results.

Galaxy Pedestal 4f962360ea12bIn every trade show or exhibition you participate, you may need trade show display counters to display your work. At trade shows or exhibitions, you have less than 5 seconds to catch the eye of the people in attendance, and to this reason, you need something that is unique and will stand out from the rest to get people flocking to your booth.

Visual appeal is very crucial in inviting people to your booth. At Smash Hit displays, we understand this concept and offer you a wide variety of display tables, counter tops and pedestals, fabric counter tops, folding tables, kiosks and works stations, all of which are designed to fit your need.

Types of counters:

Symphony counters

These counter tops are very easy to assemble and have a unique design for displaying your work; whether any form of literature or merchandise. Symphony counters comes in nine original shapes and beautiful colors all for your choosing:

Symphony Bullet Counter. This counter has an attractive bullet like shape, is easy to set up and has a variety of coping colors.

Symphony Oval Double Grand Counter: This sleek design brings beauty to your trade booth with its modern colors.

Symphony 3 Quad Kit Counter: This has three counter displays brought together and is very easy to set up.

Symphony Corner Kit Counter: Best for use in tight spaces.

Trade show counters

These are exhibition desks and tables that not only stand out due to its design and vibrant color but are simple to set up and transport. Due to their unique design, it gives an official office look to your exhibition booth. 

Orbital Truss Counters

This smash hit display counters have fabric tension and modular counters all of which fit your budgets and design. In this group, you will find the flip Kit 04, Vector light box R-05 rental, Satellite exhibit booth and aero show display banner among many others.

Trade Show Work Stations

This station works best with any of Smash hit display XR. It comes with a 4-light canopy that will eliminate your product displayed. This simple yet elegant station only weights 90lbs making it light and easy to transport. Due to their versatility and design, they can also be used at your work office to display your products.

These stations come in a variety of styles including KTK-1120 Workstation, LTK1100 Workstation, LTK-1126 Showcase, LTK-1122 Workstation and TF-1100 Banner.

Fabric Tension Counters

These easy to assemble counters are very light in weight and easy to transport. They come with a show stand, pedestal and counter that when assembled, give you a unique booth table for your products.

Other than coming in different colors, these counters come in a variety such as the show booths, Island trust display rental, exhibition booth, vector booth convention counter 05 among many others.

Custom Workstations and Displays

These displays transform your presentations with its unique, innovative and very stylish additions that come with it. There are over 100 portable and custom creations that are offered in this variety.

Benefits of Using Custom DisplaysCustom displays allow exhibitors to stand out from the dull, traditional trade show display. That is not the only benefit to using these unique exhibits. Here are several reasons why you should consider using a custom display for your upcoming event.

How to Create a Captivating and Engaging Custom DisplayThese tips will help you create a custom display that your audience will want to visit. Aside from the look of your custom display, there are plenty of other factors that go into a successful booth, including these 4 ideas.

Customize Your Trade Show Display on a Shoestring BudgetGetting kind of bored of your trade show display? Luckily, there are several things you can do to transform the look of your custom displays without spending a fortune.

4 Tips for Creating an Unforgettable Custom DisplayTrade show exhibiting takes more than just showing up at the event to become successful. It takes dedication, energy, and patience to get the most out of your show display. In order to have a booth that will get noticed, exhibitors are opting for custom trade show displays. These innovative, stylish booths are designed specifically for the unique needs of every exhibitor. However, in order to get extraordinary results at your next event with a custom booth, here are some tips to keep in mind.

3 Questions to Ask Yourself When Choosing a Custom Display

Custom trade show displays are one of the most popular display systems on the market. There unique, innovative designs and ability to build it based on the exhibitor s needs is a huge draw for these one-of-a-kind booths. But before shelling out the money for one of these striking custom booths, there are 3 questions you need to ask yourself in order to buy the one that is right for you and your company.

What You Need to Know About Setting up a Custom Display YourselfSome trade shows help their exhibitors by having a host of union workers available to help with the trade show display labor. Everyone from an electrician and plumber to a decorator and carpet layer are ready to help at the request of the exhibitor. But what do you do if labor is not available?

3 Questions to Ask Yourself When Choosing a Custom DisplayChoosing the right trade show custom display is not a decision that should be taken lightly. After all, if you are going to spend the money on a quality booth, it is important it helps you meet your goals for the event. These custom displays will be able to go to trade shows with you for many years, so the one you choose will be a long-term purchase instead of a disposable one.