Orient 1000 Banner StandEvery company, no matter how large or small, depends on promotion and advertising to attract new clients and increase brand awareness. Banner stands are a fantastic investment for achieving all of this and more! You want to get the word out about your products and services in the most effective and affordable manner possible.

This is one reason why banner stand displays are so popular today they are extremely affordable and within any budget.


When you attend a trade show, your objective is to attract the attention of prospective and current clients. Promoting your products is essential, and you want to do so with qualities and images that are dynamic and create an impact. Whether you are promoting your business inside or outdoors, banner stands are the perfect marketing tool and are used by most companies that want to make their business stand apart from the rest.

The main purpose of banner stands is to attract the attention of potential customers in order to increase awareness about the products and services you offer. These days, economic conditions have forced many companies to tighten their advertising budget, and banner stands are the perfect way to do this without losing your effectiveness. They set up easily, and are just as easy to disassemble when the show is over. Superior pixel resolution offered today insure that graphics are outstanding.

Whether you are looking for a simple addition to your existing exhibit or something that adds dramatic effects and impact, banner stands are the perfect solution. From basic and simple to elaborate, you can create any look you like. Retractable banner stands are always a hit, and banner stand walls allow you to create a full size display without sabotaging your budget. Whether you want a wall that is 8 feet wide or 20, your exhibit can be customized in a way that outshines every competitor who attends.

Directing traffic to your booth or exhibit is easy with scrolling banner stands. These displays demand attention, and will not be ignored. Whether you want to set one up in front of your exhibit or in other locations where traffic is heavy, you can easily get the word out about your unique offer or product.

Are you interested in promoting your company in a way that is super affordable and effective? Banner stands set up in less than thirty seconds and help you make a definite impact at any event you attend. With all of the choices available today, you are truly missing out on some exceptional advertising tools if banner stands are not included in your marketing arsenal!