banner-stand-slideTrade show booth displays can be very competitive. Having the most unique and memorable booth will not only get your business ideas across, but make your trade show display look professional. Adding height and shapes that can be seen from every angle will ensure that everyone at the show can see your display booth. Making the most of your space is the key to working with a small booth space.

Here are some ideas:

Portable hanging banners and standing banners can be set up easily. Both add eye catching height to the booth. Bright colors, logos, and designs are naturally pleasing to the eye.

The standing banners like retractable banner stands are an important marketing tool because they can be easily moved around your trade show booth space. The banners stands up to ten feet tall depending on what banner stand you buy, and they don t require a large amount of space.

They can be placed around a booth, outside the show, or in a populated area of the room. These banners should contain information that can be seen at eye level. Product or business benefits displayed on the banners that can be easily read and are more memorable than having small handouts because people tend to have photographic memories.

It is important for your booth to be seen from not only every angle of the show room, but also from very far away. Hanging banners are available in multiple shapes and are designed to command attention. Adding your logo or icon will make the booth appear more professional. These banners compliment the large banner stand walls perfectly, adding color to your booth from the floor to ceiling.

Fast folding displays are perfect for businesses that travel often and have little space. The table top displays use three to five panels to promote products and services. They are small enough to fit on the table, yet are tall enough to catch the eye from a distance. Another option are the small 8 foot pop up displays.

Finding the correct combination of banners is important in order to look professional. When working with a smaller trade show booth space, combining standing banners and hanging banners can create a memorable and unique booth. Each banner is fully customization to help you get your point across through brilliant colors and shapes improving your trade show booth display.