Retractable Banner StandWith the trade show industry making a comeback after the damaging economy, many businesses are still looking for ways to cut corners and save a little bit of money. In fact, you can expect the venue to be full of hundreds of competing show displays vying for attention.

With many businesses trying to save some money, there is one trade show booth that is eye-catching, as well as budget-friendly. And that would be the Retractable Banner Stands.

These show displays take up very little space, are cost effective, and can be assembled in a matter of seconds. What isn t to love about these trade show exhibits? They can be just as effective as 10 foot trade show exhibits, but cost a fraction of what you would pay for the 10 foot booth. Having the right trade show graphics is what will make you stand out among the larger exhibits.

Professional, well-designed trade show graphics can draw in a crowd, no matter if you have retractable stands or 10 displays. By using bold colors that will match your company s color theme, minimal text, and only one or two large photos, a small business can be just as successful as a large corporation at a trade show. One feature of these display systems that make them so popular is the fact that it literally takes seconds to assemble and can be used long after the show is over, such as for in-store advertisements or sidewalk signs.

The look of these displays can be changed as frequently as you would like, since the graphics can be interchanged so effortlessly. Durable vinyl is used to make them very durable and reliable. Banner stand walls can also be created by placing several retractable stands side-by-side, creating the same look as the 8, 10, or 20 foot pop up booths for a fraction of the cost. These show displays are very lightweight, which will cut down on what it costs to transport and ship.

If you are still worried that trade shows will be a waste of time and money, don t be. As I said earlier, with these displays and well-designed graphics, your display will pay for itself within a couple events. They can also be used for years to come, due to the durable and quality of the materials used. Additionally, the graphics can be changed out so that they are always up to date.

Trade shows are an excellent way to market your business and the retractable banner stands will help you get the sales you are seeking.