Banner Stands

Banner Stands

Banner Stand WallHaving a trade show exhibit that is eye-catching is a must if you want to draw more traffic into your display system. One effective way of doing that is by using banner stands. They are affordable, yet can successfully relay your message and let the attendees know what your company and/or products are all about.

Blade LX Retractable Banner StandBanner stands are a lot more complex than they were years ago. There are so many different styles, heights, and shapes to choose from while still being one of the most affordable displays for trade shows.

Banner StandsBanner displays are one of the most common trade show displays available because of their portability, low price, and versatile design. They are used as sidewalk signs, in-store advertising tools, and as traditional trade show booths. There are several different styles of banner displays to choose from, including tension pole banner stands.

tips-for-banner-standsBanner stands are cost effective way to promote your business, take very little space, and have a portable design that can easily set up and be packed away after the event. Some exhibitors use one banner display in addition to their large show booth for more signage, while some prefer to use several banner stands to create a full size exhibit.

banner-stand-slideTrade show booth displays can be very competitive. Having the most unique and memorable booth will not only get your business ideas across, but make your trade show display look professional. Adding height and shapes that can be seen from every angle will ensure that everyone at the show can see your display booth. Making the most of your space is the key to working with a small booth space.

Here are some ideas:

One of the things I love about trade shows is the fact that it gives small and large businesses an equal opportunity to promote their business. Although Company A may have more marketing bucks than Company B, as long as the trade show display is designed with professional, eye-catching graphics, it really doesnt matter if you spent $100 or $100,000 on your booth. If you want an 8, 10, or 20 foot trade show booth on a budget, you may want to consider the Banner Stand Walls.
There are so many valuable reasons to participate at trade show exhibits, however, some companies are still deciding not to due to strict budgets. If you are concerned about saving some green, then the Retractable Banner Stands will be the perfect trade show booth solution.