Hanging BannersTrade shows are an excellent use of your marketing dollars for many reasons. First of all, you will bring brand awareness to clients you typically would never have met without the event. Secondly, you will have the opportunity to network with other businesses in your area. One thing that may be holding you back from participating in trade shows is the cost.

Im here to tell you that one cost you don t need to worry about is the price of your trade show booth. The Hanging Banner are one of the most affordable, easy-to-operate display systems on the market, and here are a few reasons why exhibitors are turning to these banner stands.


They Stand Out

I would hope that all of you exhibitors out there would want to stand out from your competitors. In a crowded trade show venue, a hanging display will get noticed from across the trade show floor, drawing people to your convention exhibit. There are also several shapes to choose from, including square, round, and triangular shapes. Dye-sub graphics are used to make the colors really pop.

Easy to Assemble

The pieces of these display systems snap together, making it extremely easy to set up these dynamic trade show exhibits. Hanging banner stands are also lightweight, saving money on shipping.

Extremely Versatile

They can be used long after the event is over. One great use for these dazzling convention displays is as a promotional tool in your store. The graphics can be changed for a different look from one event to the next. Also, no worries about these displays taking up space, since they will be hanging from the ceiling.

I guarantee the trade show venue will be packed with hundreds of other trade show displays crammed into one building, vying for the attention of the attendees. With a hanging display, you don t have to wait for them to walk past your booth to get noticed. Instead, it will be seen from across the trade show floor, directing these potential leads to your booth.