Banner stands are one of the most affordable trade show displays on the market. To make the most of this portable display, here are 5 design tips for capturing your audiences attention and winning over leads in the process.

One of the most versatile and portable displays on the market continues to be banner stands. These display systems come in a variety of heights, allowing you to create small or large signage to be used by itself or in combination with larger display systems. Banner displays can also come with either single or double-sided graphics, allowing you to capture even more attention with graphics on each side. In order to make the most of these travel-friendly display systems, here are some design tips that will allow you to have an eye-catching banner stand both on and off the trade show floor.


1. Create a Catchy Headline

The headline should be large enough and easy enough to read that it will capture the attention of people who are just walking by. The right headline will be short and sweet, yet give your audience a little insight as to what message you are trying to convey.


2. Use the Right Colors

Using bright colors may grab your audience s eye, but they will end up forgetting about the banner and the company who created it pretty quickly. The colors used should complement your logo and color scheme because it will be more memorable to your audience.


3. Less is More

You may have the urge to fit as much information into your banner stand as possible, but try to refrain from making that mistake. Too much information crammed onto one banner display could make it look cluttered, difficult to read, and overwhelming to your audience.


4. Include Important Text at the Top

Everyone s eyes read from left to right and top to bottom, so include the important information at the top so it s at eye-level and the first thing your audience sees.


5. Only Use Professional Graphics

Unless you have created graphics before, hiring a professional to create them for you is an investment you will be happy you splurged on. Smash Hit Displays has graphic design services available.


Banner stands are extremely cost-effective and can either be used alone, or as signage in front of your store or trade show display for increased visibility. With these tips, you will be able to make the most of these affordable displays and capture the attention of leads in the process.