Generating Leads with Banner StandsTrade show displays don t have to cost thousands of dollars to be effective. In fact, some of the most successful trade show booths cost less than $1000. One show display that fits this description is banner stand displays.

Trade show banner displays take up very little space and are one of the most budget-friendly portable displays on the market. Here are a few tips on how to effectively use them at your event, or even at your store.

Use Banner Displays as Promotional Tools

Do you have a contest or special discount going on that you want to advertise? Banner stands make excellent billboards for promoting deals or contests. If you are at trade shows, retractable banner stands make excellent promotional tools because the graphic banner is stored directly in the base, making it simple to transport and takes a minute or two to completely set up. Place these banner exhibits near the aisle so they can easily be spotted by your audience. If you are at your store or office, outdoor banner stands can be used on the sidewalk in order to get more interested people to stop by your place of business. The banner can easily be changed, so you ll have the opportunity to promote as many products, services, or contests as you would like.

Use Color Wisely

In order to drive more traffic to your business or trade show exhibit you need to have a display exhibition that will stand out. Bright colors will definitely get your banner display noticed, but you need to be careful that you don t use too many bold colors because it may be too loud for some people.

Banner Stand Walls

By using several banner stands, you ll be able to create the look of an 8, 10, or 20 foot trade show display for a fraction of the cost. This is also called banner stand walls since you are using several banner displays as a back wall. Use as many or as few banner exhibits as you would like to create the look you want. Since the graphics can easily be interchanged, you can create a new booth display for each product or sale you want to promote.

Exhibitors and business professionals alike are using banner trade show displays to draw traffic at trade shows or to grab the attention of people on sidewalks or at malls. Hopefully these tips from Smash Hit Displays will help you gain new leads and customers.