Trade Show BudgetWith the economy in a recession, everyone is trying to cut back any way possible. One thing that you should not cut corners on is marketing. In fact, trade shows remain one of the best ways to market your business, allowing you to meet and network with other potential customers and businesses.

According to Tips for a Successful Trade Show by Janice Byer, here are some inexpensive things you can do to enhance your trade show booth:

1. Table Cloth

Using a table cloth is a great way to complement your exhibit. Your logo can be printed directly on the table cloth, which is a great way to get your booth noticed. It can tie together the display very nicely. Another way to make your Trade show booth stick out is by covering the table with a table cloth that is a solid color, matching the main color used for your display.

2. Standalone Presentation Board

If you have enough room available at the trade show, including a standalone display can be used to include information that you weren t able to fit on your larger display. Information you may want to include on this display are the benefits of your products or services. A banner stand or table top display would make an excellent addition to your trade show booth.

3. Backlit Header

Backlit headers are used to highlight the name of your company. Fluorescent lights are used to brighten the name of your company in order to make it really stand out

4. Arrange Trade Show Display Tables in Levels

Make sure your trade show booths are strategically placed, having the smaller displays in the front and the larger ones in the back.

5. Power Point Presentation

An effective way to display your presentation is by attaching an LCD plasma monitor to your exhibit. This is a professional-looking addition to your booth, without being too expensive.