Other than eye-catching trade show exhibits, effective giveaway items will draw in a crowd and get attendees talking about your booth. Everyone enjoys and expects to get free swag at trade shows, but before you shell out the dough for these promotional items, there s a couple questions you need to ask yourself:

  • Whos my target audience?
  • What s my budget?

The reason these two questions are important is because a) each target audience will have a different style and need, and b) you dont want to overspend, so a set budget will keep you in control of your (and your company s) budget. What are some popular giveaway items that will wow attendees and keep you in their minds long after the event? Here are some ideas that will impress your audience:

Logo-Imprinted Apparel: Hats or shirts with your logo and website or phone number will definitely get you noticed at the event. These items can be used on a daily basis, depending on who your target audience is again. If they are used in public, this is a great way to promote your business and generate new sales and customers.

Eco-Friendly Items: Environmental concerns is in the front of many people s minds, especially in the trade show display industry. Using these giveaway items will show the attendees that you are trying to become greener by handing out reusable water bottles and tote bags.

Lanyards: In many professions, employees are required to wear name badges. This is where lanyards would come in handy. This is something that will be used on a daily basis, reminding them of your convention booth every time they put it around their neck.

Magnets: Business cards can be easy to misplace, which is why turning them into magnets are so effective. They can t be damaged or torn like traditional business cards, yet has all of the same information. At some point everyone will need to go to their refrigerator, so having magnets with your contact info and logo will keep you in their minds when they are ready to do business.

No matter what giveaway items you decide to go with, your logo, company s name, and website or phone number should be somewhere on them. As I stated previously, part of your decision should be based on your audience. For example, if you are trying to reach business professionals, using lanyards will be more effective than a hat. If you have a limited budget, hold drawings to give out these items to a select few. Effective trade show giveaways and unique convention displays, you are sure to be a hit!