Trade shows are very effective at connecting with your target demographic since you will get the opportunity people who may be interested in your products or services face-to-face. This is especially helpful if you are a small business or just starting out. Whether you decide to use truss displays, pop up displays, or something in between, the right trade show display design will grab the attendee s attention and draw them into your booth. So, how do you get noticed by people who aren t even walking down the same aisle as your trade show exhibit?

Three words walk the aisles. If you are fortunate enough to have another person working with you at the booth who can watch over it while you are gone, then by all means take this opportunity to walk the aisles and meet people who may be interested in what your company has to offer, they just hadn t ended up walking near your trade show display at all. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you walk down the walkways in search of possible new leads.

  1. Approach Attendees at Other Trade Show Booths Stop by industry-related company s display stands to see what kind of audience they have attracted and whether or not they would also be interested in your products or services. Now I m not talking about stalking your competitors and taking business away from them, but I would suggest stopping by an exhibit booth that doesn t sell the same products, yet are somewhat related to your company.
  2. Don t Lead With a Sales Pitch Break the ice with small talk instead of aggressively trying to sell these innocent attendees what you are selling. Compliment the products or services they are scoping out on the convention display and asking how they are doing today or why they are interested in a certain product are all possible topics to talk to them about. If you can somehow discover what problem or need they are trying to fix through that item, then maybe you can somehow ease in how helpful your products or services would also be.
  3. Bring the Business Cards You can never have too many business cards on hand, especially if you are planning on walking from one booth to the next. Let interested parties know how they can contact you, as well as your booth number in case they want to stop by in order to discuss your business more with them. Even in today s age of technology and the Internet, trade shows will never go out of style because the face-to-face contact is something you can t get from a computer or mobile phone screen, and trust me, it s an important feature in order to establish long-lasting relationships with potential new customers. If the traffic has slowed down at your display booth, then don t be afraid to approach attendees instead of waiting for them to come to you.