Tension Pole Banner StandsThe trade show displays that make the biggest impacts are those that are eye-catching, not necessarily those that cost the most. Banner stands have been very popular trade show stands because they are inexpensive and portable.

There are several different styles to choose from, but one unique type of trade show banner is the tension pole banner stand display.

Tension pole banner stands use a carbon fiber frame in order to create a stable and heavy-duty show display that you don t need to worry about tipping over. It literally takes seconds to assemble these quality banner stand displays by simply attaching the graphic banner to the pole. Vinyl is used for the banner to create beautiful and flawless trade show graphics. If you are running low on time and are no t able to design graphics, Smash Hit Displays has a team of designers available to create them for you.

Trade show banners are not new to the exhibiting scene, but continue to be a reliable display exhibition. This is an inexpensive display that will still make an impression on your audience. Not only is it affordable, but also extremely versatile. Many exhibitors use these trade show booths outside of the convention by using banner stands at their store, office, or on the sidewalk right outside of their work place to advertise their products or services. The banners can easily be interchanged to create a different look and to allow you to promote different products. Other than tension pole banner stands, there are also retractable banner stands, hanging banners, scrolling displays, outdoor banner stands, and fabric tension show booths. These displays can also be used either alone or paired up with other trade show exhibits, such as pop up displays.