pop up displaysOne of the most popular convention booths on the market continues to be pop up displays for a number of reasons. It takes minutes to assemble, can be used as a backdrop or a counter can be added to make it a point-of-purchase counter, and is one of the most affordable display systems on the market.

Pop up booths are lightweight and the graphics can be changed to create a new look from one event to the next. Since the graphic panels can be easily changed and the show display is portable, these trade show booths can also be used in your store or office as promotional tools. There are several things that can be done to boost your trade show pop up display s presence at the convention, including the following:

Location is Key

Keep in mind that there will be hundreds of other exhibit booths competing for attention, so picking the right area to display your exhibit is very important. If you have the option, choose high-traffic areas for more visibility at the show, including the entrance and exit, as well as near food and restroom areas.

Add a Spotlight

Most trade show venues have are dimly lit, which could make your display system look like everyone else s. Lighting is an inexpensive accessory that can make a huge difference in the visibility of your convention booth. It can be used to spotlight certain images on your graphic panels or on products on display.

Give Yourself Time

Although pop up booths have a quick turnaround time, you should still give yourself plenty of time to design it. This means having clean and fresh graphics, as well as the right accessories to boost the look of your popup stand. Begin designing your trade show displays several months in advance so that you don t have to worry about throwing together a display booth at last minute.

Pop up displays are just one exhibit you will find from Smash Hit Displays, but there are also a variety of other popular choices to help you stand out at trade shows and fairs, including truss systems, banner stands, and custom displays. These tips can be used to enhance any convention display you choose to use.