Why You Should be Using Panel DisplaysWith all of the options available to you, knowing which trade show panel display to choose can be a difficult decision. If you are traveling a great distance to your upcoming event, want a booth that does not require a lot of strength and time to put together, and is affordable, Panel Displays are the perfect solution.

If you are new to the world of trade show displays, the last thing you will want is a convention booth that takes an entire day to assemble. Luckily, more and more display booths for trade shows are being built to be efficient and simple for any exhibitor to use, which means portable displays are now taking less and less time to assemble. Folding panel displays are the perfect convention solution for the time-saving exhibitor.

What makes these portable displays so different from other trade show exhibits is the fact that these exhibits are created with the user in mind and requires very little effort to put together, taking a matter of minutes to completely set up.

Vector Display Exhibits are the perfect solution for those exhibitors who want a unique look that stands out in the crowd. They are lightweight, but also come in a wide range of geometric shapes that are unlike any other booths on the market. Many of the display kits also come equipped with accent lights, tables, counters, and monitor mounts. Vector Displays come in a variety of sizes, but Vector Banners are also available if you need an exhibit that does not require a lot of space.

The Fast Folding Display Panel Systems are a much more portable trade show display solution since they are lightweight and easy to transport. These display booths for trade shows are also covered with fabric, but detachable graphics can be added. A variety of different styles and sizes are available, such as the Hero Premium Panel Displays. The unique feature of the Hero Folding Panel Displays is the fact that the full size displays can be broken down into two separate table top displays.

Folding Displays are becoming a trend in trade show booths because of their easy assembly and attractive design. We at Smash Hit Displays continue to add innovative displays to our website that are not only stunning, but also easy to assemble and travel with. Continue to check out our website to see what our latest exhibits are.