portable display systemsExhibitors rarely participate in just one trade show a year. In fact, most prefer to exhibit at several conventions a year in order to increase their brand awareness and/or network with other industry professionals.

With all of the traveling that many exhibitors do, having a trade show display that can move just as quickly as they do is important. Portable displays are becoming increasingly popular for a number of reasons.



Portable Displays?

These displays can range from banner stands to pop up displays and even to certain types of truss systems. So what makes a booth portable? Here are several key features that will tell you if your display system can easily travel with you.


Lightweight Frame and Graphics

Whether you re shipping the display or are carrying it with you on an airplane, train, or bus, it is important to have one that is lightweight and can easily be carried or shipped. For example, Fabric Tension Displays have a lightweight aluminum frame and pillowcase graphics.


Don t Require Tools

If tools are required that don t come with the display, you can usually expect to spend a significant amount of time setting it up. Luckily, many display stands don't require tools anymore because the frame pieces can quickly snap together or the frame components are color-coded for easy assembly. The Orbital Truss Systems are one type of booths that are color-coded, making it easy enough for one person to put together.


Graphics Can be Interchanged

As you travel from one trade show to the next, being able to change your promotional message can be important. Having a trade show booth with graphics that can be changed to promote new products or services will give you the opportunity to use the booth for years to come.


Portable Displays will save you time and money, while also being created out of quality materials that can be used for years. For some exhibit ideas, give Smash Hit Displays a call at 1-877-215-5355 and we ll lead you to a display stand that will work best for you and your company.