Doing a little research and asking the right questions will help you determine what portable booth to select. Follow these tips to determine whether or not the booth you are about to purchase is really as portable as the name implies.

1. Know the Shipping Weight

One of the wonderful things about portable displays is the fact that they are lightweight, saving a fortune on shipping costs. Before your make the purchase, ask the vendor for the exact shipping weight of the booth, as well as a quote on shipping costs. Even if you got a great deal on an exhibit, if it costs more to transport it to the trade show venue than the cost of the entire booth, you may want to rethink the booth you buy.

2. Ease of Upgrading

Being able to update your booth is very important in order to keep the design fresh or to promote new products. Plus, if you participate in the same show year after year, a new look will keep attendees interested in your booth. Ask your vendor how easy it will be to update the graphics and exhibit design. Pop up displays are excellent portable displays that can effortlessly be updated.

3. Location of the Vendor

There are numerous vendors you can purchase your trade show products from that are located overseas and offer cheap products. Keep in mind that you get what you pay for, so the cheaper it is, the more likely it will need to be repaired sometime down the road. These products are also mostly ordered online without offering any actual customer service support. This can be very frustrating for all exhibitors that are in a time crunch to get their booth designed, especially for the rookie exhibitors. With suppliers in the USA, such as Smash Hit Displays, quality products are being designed and produced in the United States, while also staying in constant contact with our customers through phone calls and emails.

4. Durability

It is inevitable that even the most glamorous, expensive exhibits will need a repair at some point, whether one of the frame components broke, the graphics got torn, or there was damage done to one of the accessories. Although this may happen at some point throughout the years of exhibiting, it shouldn t be an issue with a booth that is still pretty new. Search the vendor s website to get as much information on what the booth is made out of to get an idea of how strong it is and if it will last throughout the years. If you have any questions, the trade show display company should be able to give you an idea of what materials will outlast other materials, both for the frame and graphics.

5. Simplicity of Installing and Dismantling the Booth

One of the best parts of portable displays is the fact that it takes minutes to completely set up and dismantle. While some displays can take over an hour to completely put together, portable displays can take as little as 5 minutes. Not only should the booth be simple to install, but most will also come equipped with shipping cases to easily pack up the booth when it is time to leave the event.

Trade show display companies should be able to give you the answer to the previous 5 criteria to picking out a portable display. However, if you need some additional assistance, give Smash Hit Displays a call at (877) 215-5355 and we would be happy to find a booth solution that works for you.