lightweight unique trade show displaysDo you remember those days, not too long ago, when you packed up, what might have been, hundreds of pounds of materials to display at your next trade show? Then, after spending three days talking to people, showing your wares, and being exhausted you were forced to pack it up again to head home. Well, those days are gone. Today you can have a remarkably stunning trade show display that you can sometimes carry in folded like a suitcase. These spectacular portable displays are available and they can be custom built for you at a very appealing price.

It is possible to get a combination of most everything you want to have in a trade show display with the portable displays. If you want an eye-catching display, a dramatic booth, or an outstanding exhibit that will bring potential customers flocking to your area, they are all available. There are several companies offering such projects to you and they pride themselves on their excellence in quality and service.

There really is a display for every occasion ranging from job fairs to conventions and conferences. There are also trade show displays that can be custom built to meet your specific needs. Many of these come with a lifetime guarantee. If you are wanting to grab attention you might be interested in the banner stands. These are tall and with retractable displays, usually one on each side, secured by a rigid pole. They are easy to store in a single compartment which makes them easy to support.

Many professionals are turning to custom displays. You come up with a concept and the trade show display company creates the product. These allow for a great amount of creativity and flexibility. These are great for personalizing specific products. If you are just in need of trade show counters these are very portable. They allow you to have a personalized display which is open and inviting to your customers.

One of the latest innovations at different trade shows is the truss display system. People using these displays say they get the most attention at their shows. You will often see truss displays in the backgrounds of some TV shows. They definitely offer a rich look for what you have to offer. There is also the hybrid exhibit. These offer a combination of metal construction offering colorful graphics. This provides for a sleek look. This is one of the very popular ways to exhibit and it is very effective.