Portable DisplaysMost exhibitors have a limited amount of time from one event to the next, so it is definitely more convenient to go with portable displays. Although portable trade show displays are much more lightweight and easier to install and dismantle compared to modular displays, this doesnt mean they are less quality.

In fact, plenty of trade show exhibits that are transportable are of equal or higher quality than some permanent display systems. Here are some of the top portable displays for the exhibitor on-the-go.

Pop up Displays

One of the most popular display booths is the trade show pop up display booths because the frame simply pops open and locks into position in no more than 20 minutes. There are also a variety of sizes and configurations available to fit the needs of all exhibitors.

Table top Displays

Since they take up very little space, tabletop displays are a more cost-efficient choice. These mini trade show displays can be used alone or with another display system for increased visibility. One of the newest table top booths is the Linear Display Systems, which come with headers that will make your company s name the focal point of the convention booth.

Banner Stands

Banner stands, especially retractable banner stands, are often used for more than one purpose. Many owners of trade show banners use them both on the trade show floor and in their business as additional advertising or sidewalk signage to bring awareness to sales or specific products. The graphic banner can easily be interchanged, allowing you to promote as many sales, products, or services as you would like.

Fabric Tension Displays

Similar to pop-up stands, fabric tension displays can be assembled in minutes since the frame pops open and locks into place. The only difference between these show displays is the graphics, since these displays use tension fabric, which stretches across the frame for a wrinkle-resistant and seamless look.

These are all excellent trade show booths if you need something more portable, but if you are looking for something a little more permanent, you may want to check out the custom displays from Smash Hit Displays. Best of luck to you!