About Portable Exhibits

About Portable Exhibits

Portable trade show displays are one of the most effective ways to promote your brand while staying on budget. The display is made from a variety of high-quality elements and is designed for quick, easy installation. You can make your way into an exhibition hall and have your display set up in no time. The lightweight and compactible nature of the portable exhibits makes them so easy to pack up and take them with you wherever you go. They are ideal for trade shows, corporate events, conferences, retail environments and other branded spaces.


If you're looking for a convenient, cost-effective and professional looking display for your next tradeshow event, our portable displays are a great option. Setting up the booth requires no special tools and is typically a one-man job that is achieved by opening and expanding the frame and locking it into place as well as attaching the graphic panels with magnetic channel bars. The display allows you to save time so you can focus on your presentation.

The portable displays from Smash Hit Displays can be configured with custom enhancements for a unique appearance that meets your trade show booth objectives. You will have the flexibility to change your graphics as your display needs change from time to time. This allows exhibitors to keep their tradeshow events fresh, relevant and innovative every single time.

You don't need a huge exhibit to get noticed. Our portable displays will make a big splash and make you stand out, even in small spaces. Grab the opportunity to amp-up your presentation display while maximizing your budget with our portable tradeshow exhibits. They are what you need to make a significant impact in your next trade show event. Contact us today to enjoy the convenience of a portable display and the quality that only an experienced exhibit company can offer.

For more tips to using for your upcoming trade show booth, check Smash Hit Displays' Blog.

lightweight unique trade show displaysDo you remember those days, not too long ago, when you packed up, what might have been, hundreds of pounds of materials to display at your next trade show? Then, after spending three days talking to people, showing your wares, and being exhausted you were forced to pack it up again to head home. Well, those days are gone. Today you can have a remarkably stunning trade show display that you can sometimes carry in folded like a suitcase. These spectacular portable displays are available and they can be custom built for you at a very appealing price.

table top displays small boothTrade shows offer a lot of traffic for your merchandise or services. The downside is sometimes the booth spaces are small. You need to be able to make the most out of these areas. You want your merchandise to be seen from every angle and height. A great way to do this is table top displays and small trade show displays.

portable displaysAttendees are drawn to trade show displays that have an eye-catching look that sets it apart from the others. As important as the design of your booth display should be, it is equally as important to have a display system that is easy to use by the exhibitor. One type of convention display that has shot up the popularity scale is portable trade show displays. Here are just a few of the reasons you should use one for your next event.