The trade show has become a modern phenomenon and an essential tool in creating a successful brand. Small companies may think that they cannot compete with the big-budget industries that have the largest booth spaces at trade shows, but this is simply not true.

In an age of information, even small businesses can break into their niche market by attending trade shows and investing in high quality, fabric tension displays.

Why Fabric Displays?

There are several reasons why companies of all sizes are choosing more portable displays. Some of the benefits include:


You should be investing the majority of your funds back into your business, not into your trade show booth. By letting your product or service speak for itself, your booth display s job is just to get the initial hook in. Fabric tension displays are very reasonably priced and look fantastic.

Easily customizable and changeable

The skin of a fabric booth can be printed with any image you like, which makes this style endlessly customizable. Their lightweight construction also makes them a breeze to rearrange within your booth space.

Quick setup and Portable

There are few other booth displays that are as easy to setup as the tension variety. This means that you are worrying less about being ready for the trade show to start, and instead are more concerned with prepping you and your staff for the big event. When the trade show is done, fabric displays are easily packed up and light weight enough to be shipped cross country at an affordable rate. This portability feature saves money in practically all aspects of the trade show experience.

Eye catching

The purpose of show booths is to be memorable and eye catching so that potential clients can match a company with a brand image in their mind. Fabric displays are vibrant when designed properly, which allows your company to put its best face forward.

Types of Tension Displays

There are all sorts of different types of fabric displays. They allow your business to mix and match depending on your booth s design. Some of the most popular designs are:

Curved tower displays

Table-top waved displays

Counters and pedestals

Large, floor wave display stands

Designing the Perfect Booth Setup

At Smash Hit Displays, we have everything you need for a great and versatile booth display. Combine a fabric tension wave stand with interlocking flooring and a matching counter to create your own little haven within the trade show gates. Call 1-877-215-5355 to enquire about prices, special deals, and how we can best assist you as you create the perfect portable display booth. Even if you are a small business, you can make a big splash at an exhibition event without spending unnecessary time and money.