table top displays small boothTrade shows offer a lot of traffic for your merchandise or services. The downside is sometimes the booth spaces are small. You need to be able to make the most out of these areas. You want your merchandise to be seen from every angle and height. A great way to do this is table top displays and small trade show displays.

Most of the time a space is limited to an 8 x 8 or 10 x 10 area. You will be able to use a few 6 or 8 tables. It is always a good idea to cover your tables with table clothes that are solid colors. Busy patterns take away from your table top displays. The tables offer limited surface space so think going up. You can use a variety of trade show display accessories and be sure to add good lighting with our Lumina Lighting products.

You want your table top portable displays to be pleasing to the eye. Make sure your products and messaging are displayed nicely along with your graphic designs and that you messaging is clear so that passing traffic really understand what your business sells or does. Just because you have a small booth with limited table space doesn t mean you have to comprise style and professional appearance. A table top display can have just as much impact as a floor display if you have good graphic design and a good layout of you table and booth area.

Have enough area to greet and meet with booth visitors while still allowing them to view and understand the impact of your table top display graphics. You may want to place the table and display near the back of your booth space while you stand in front of the table and the display. If you have a well-designed table top display then it should allow you to stand in front while talking to visitors without taking away from the display itself. Don t forget it s always a good to put your business cards and marketing material out on the tables next to your table top displays to encourage sales after the show.