Are Portable Displays the Right Choice for You?If you are wondering if portable displays are right for you and your business, these tips will help make your decision much easier.

Are you contemplating whether or not portable displays would be the right booth for you to use at your upcoming trade shows? These displays have tons of benefits that both rookie and seasoned exhibitors can appreciate. They are lightweight, simple to assemble, and travel easily. Here are some clues to consider that will tell you whether this exhibit is the right one for you.


Only Have a Few Employees Helping

Bigger trade show displays can be more difficult to assemble, and, if you have a small booth staff, you could end up spending all of your extra time just trying to get the display ready for the event. Instead of struggling to put together your booth with only one or two people there to help you, opt for a portable display. The pop up exhibits, for example, can be assembled by one person by popping the accordion-like frame into place and attaching the graphic panels with magnetic channel bars. It will be much less of a headache for you and your staff by using a portable display instead of a large, modular one.


You Have a Small Budget

Many exhibitors shy away from trade shows because they have tight budgets and have this perception that trade shows are too expensive. There are a wide variety of portable exhibits available that are cost-effective and will allow you to stay in your budget. This is a better solution if you don t want to spend a lot, but do want to have a booth that will make an impact at the event.



Many people don't realize that some trade show exhibits can be used year-round as advertising signage at their place of business. Portable displays make this happen much easier because of their lightweight design that enables you to move it from one spot to another easily, as well as the interchangeable graphics, allowing you to change them as often as you would like.


You Have Limited Space

If you have limited space to store the booth after the event is over, having a large, bulky display system isn t a realistic option. Portable displays fit compactly into carry bags that take up very little space and can be stored anywhere.


If You are New to Exhibiting

Exhibiting for the first time can be a stressful time, trying to keep track of all of the materials, giveaways, and of course, the trade show exhibit. If you are still deciding if trade shows are worth the money, having an affordable display will increase your return on investment for a more profitable event.


These are just a few of the criteria that go into using a small, portable trade show display. Check out our trade show display blog for more tips.