portable displaysPortables displays are vital for business since they are easy to carry around. They are also very easy to assemble and cost friendly. The key to maximum sales is the kind of exhibition you perform. If the booth is attractive regarding lighting and graphics, it is likely to attract more people to your booth. There is a broad range of portable displays on the market that can help you achieve all that which includes.

Retractable banner stand

These portable displays are very easy to assemble and carry t different events. Some of them come with their bag. They are attractive since they are digitally printed with the graphics of your choice. It consists of an aluminum stand with a retractable banner which looks almost like an upside-down window screen in operation.

Table displays

These are the most common displays in trade shows since they offer a table surface where you can place your products for sales and giveaways. They are available in varieties of fabric where you can choose your choice of fabric and graphics.

Pop-up displays

They come in different shapes either straight or curved. The shapes give them an appealing look to attract prospects. Moreover, they have spot lights to highlight graphics hence they can stand out and can be seen from far. They are designed in different modular length which allows you to expand the booth's size depending on the number of people you are targeting to host or the space available.

Multi-fold panel displays

These shows are unique, and if you want to stand out and look different, this is the answer. They can also be used as table top displays due to their unique modular construction. They are made of fabric which enables you to use customized graphics.

Graphic back wall displays

These displays are available in both modular and single pieces with adjustable sales. This allows for future expansion of the booth. You can use a color graphic as the back wall of the box. You can use spotlights to highlight the graphics.

Modular hybrid displays

The best thing about the modular hybrid display is that they come with aluminum extrusions, tension fabric graphics and pop-up components all in all. They comprise of accent lighting, backlit graphics, and flat screen monitors.

Fabric tension displays

They are easy to assemble since the frame opens and locks into place when in use. The only difference between the fabric tension displays and pop-up stands is the graphics.

You can choose from these categories and get the one that suits your needs. For more tips on designing your next booth, check out our blog about portable exhibits