7 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Portable DisplayPortable trade show displays are perfect for both new and frequent exhibitors because they have a professional, unique appearance that also takes very little time to put together. But which one is right for you and your trade show needs? These questions will help you find the trade show portable booth that will work for your company and budget.

1. What is your budget?
Before you can begin shopping for a new exhibit display, you need to know how much you can spend. Fortunately, portable displays are one of the most affordable displays on the market, so you should have a wide range of options available to you. Just make sure to know what the budget is before picking one out.

2. How big is the event?
If you are exhibiting at a smaller event, a small booth may be all you need, such as a banner stand. However, if the event is large and is expecting hundreds or thousands of people to attend, a large, spacious exhibit is needed.

3. What booth size are you looking for?
Whether you are in need of additional signage or a 20 foot booth, you will find what you are looking for with the portable system displays. Once you are aware of how big the booth space is, you can better prepare for the event.

4. What is the purpose behind the portable display?
Are you interested in promoting your brand, a new product, or simply want to make the name of your company known? Some booths will be better than others at getting your message across. For example, a booth with floor-length graphics, such as our KLIK Magnetic Display Systems, will give you the room to promote a new product or service. On the other hand, banner stands are perfect at displaying your logo for all to see.

5. Are you traveling to the trade show?

Although portable displays are generally very lightweight, you do need to think about how much weight you are willing to carry as you travel. Also, how will you be traveling (by plane, vehicle or bus)? Some booths take up less storage space than others, so do your homework to determine which one will work best for your travel situation.

6. Will you have any demonstrations or products on display?
Product demonstrations take space and will require a wide-open booth that can accommodate it.

7. When do you need the booth?

If you need a portable display in a week, you need to purchase one that can be ready and shipped as soon as possible. Keep in mind that designing and printing graphics will take additional time, so choose your booth wisely.

These tips should help you find the perfect portable display for your next event, but for more information, call Smash Hit Displays at (877) 215-5355 and we would be happy to lead you in the right direction.