10 x 20 Rental Displays

Formulate 20' Straight Rental


When you are preparing to exhibit at trade shows in order to sell your services, products, or simply get your name and ideas out there in order to secure funding, investors, or sponsors, you need a display and a presentation that will set you apart from all of the other people around you trying to accomplish the exact same thing. However, you may be unsure as to how you will be able to do that. The Formulate 20' Straight Rental Trade Show Display can help you achieve those goals.

You will be able to wow and impress any existing customers that come to take a look at your newest display and innovations as well as prospective future customers and make all the others at the trade show nothing but envious because of the 10' x 20' Formulate display you have going for you. This product features a durable and impressive tension fabric screen on which you will be able to have your choice of high quality graphic printed. The screen is mounted onto an impressive aluminum frame that measures 10 feet by 20 feet.

A Formulate 20' Straight Rental display such as this cannot go unnoticed and your brand will inevitably make one of the biggest and most long-lasting impressions at whatever event you decide to go to. The design of the Formulate display is tubular so that you can quickly and easily assemble and set up your display with the absolute minimum effort possible. The instructions that come along with the display are simple for you to follow as well so that you can focus entirely on your trade show presentation rather than on setting up your displays.

This lightweight display makes it easy for you to transport as well if you need to move around at the trade show and when it is time to leave. You will not be disappointed if you decide to take the plunge and rent this spectacular and impressive Formulate 20' Straight Rental.

Type of Graphic(s)

Dye-Sub Graphics
High Speed Process Produces Vibrant, Four-Color 'amp; Six-Color Output
Resolution of 600 dpi 'amp; 720 dpi
Finishing Done By Hand
Custom Graphic Finishing are Available Upon Request


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