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10x10-trade-show-boothDue to a nice balance between effectiveness and affordability, a 10X10 trade show booth is the most popular trade show exhibit on the market today. Because of easy assembly, banner wall stands, pop up and hop up displays, and portable table top displays are all examples of the excellent and inexpensive types of ten-foot booths. Just a slight step up from there are the more elaborate 10X10 Truss display systems. All of these solutions will do the trick when they are done tastefully and properly. But how do you make a standard 10X10 trade show booth effective and bring in a great return on your trade show investment?

The first item to remember is the 3-second rule. In short, your display has 3 seconds or less to catch attention, and only a few seconds more to draw people in to the exhibit. These days, graphics are better than ever. The best trade show booths begin with stunning graphics. A huge, crisp image works well, with the company logo at the top-center of the display, along with simple text that is easy to read and conveys the marketing message/intent of your exhibit. Such graphics are sure to grab attention in seconds.

The accessories selected for your 10X10 trade show booth will help to pull people in, once the graphics and booth design have been noticed. Bright yet warm lighting, along with inviting flooring, banner stands, or perhaps a hanging banner, all work very well too. Accessories are the way to go to make your 10-foot display exemplary, and stick in people s memories.

The actual location in the show of your display is important too. Here are some considerations for selecting a tactical location:

  • Corners are excellent placement for your display you get double the traffic and a bit more room to move around
  • End of a row you get less overcrowding and yet more general room
  • Near the Entrance can be great, but not necessarily the very first spot near the entrance
  • Right Side near entrance gets more traffic than the left side
  • Aisles that lead towards seminar rooms or performance areas
  • Near the Restrooms is actually a nice spot; the odds are that everyone will have seen your booth
  • Know Your Neighbors as much as possible. If you can find out what displays will be near you, you can avoid blasting music, a looped recording, and unwanted, repetitive noise.
  • Avoid Placement next to a Bigger Display or a more professional display, because you do not want to be upstaged or overlooked.

Giveaways, in addition to a grand prize drawing or raffle, are always popular and will readily bring in the traffic to your booth. Here are 4 trusted items that make great trade show giveaways:

  1. Coffee mugs will be something that people hang on to, as opposed to being thrown away immediately. Very often a logo mug with contact info will be taken to the workplace and used daily, being perpetually seen by others. Sooner or later, a prospect or two will be born from that giveaway mug.
  2. Engraved pens are yet another giveaway that will not likely be thrown away, especially if the pen is decent quality. And once again, engraved pens are often taken to the workplace and circulated over time, nurturing prospective sales.
  3. Calendars are always an effective way to keep your company name in the forefront of people s minds on a nearly daily basis. Calendars will not only bring in future sales, but will also strongly reinforce branding.
  4. Embossed lanyards are always a good giveaway due to their long lasting presence and continual use. What a great way to advertise: hanging around the necks of people!

Further, trained staffing of your 10X10 trade show booth will make all the difference between successfully reaching projected goals, and failing miserably. You must make sure that sufficient food, water, and rest breaks are planned. Also, the training of staff should begin weeks in advance of the show to be certain that presentations go nicely, and that staff is saying the right things. Staff should be a professional compliment to your booth.

Then there are add-ons to your 10X10 trade show booth that are excellent trimmings. Check out these 4 cool add-ons that can really bring in the crowds:

  1. Audio/Video/Custom Kiosk People are primarily visual in nature. Images in motion on a flat screen along with professional audio are tried-and-true for demanding responsiveness from virtually everyone. Add to this some custom graphics on the kiosk itself, and you have an automated, free-standing people-grabber.
  2. Interactive Kiosk An Interactive Kiosk is a fantastic way to bring in traffic, while at the same time providing an automated system for getting people engaged with the company s products and services. The interactive kiosk can be dressed up with custom graphics too!
  3. Work Station Providing trade show attendees with actual work stations like a small desk with a built-in computer is an excellent way to draw-in and retain attendees. Additionally, simply supplying a Wi-Fi hot spot with tables and chairs will do the same
  4. Interactive Games Whether it s a spinning wheel of nearly any size or a bean-bag toss, or a peg board game interactive games are a favorite at trade shows. Not only do people like to play these games, but they also draw in plenty of observers.

And finally, your ultimate success in the trade show depends upon appropriate follow up after the show. This is a most crucial facet of a successful trade show. After all, the goal is to build long-term relationships. Send letters and emails; make phone calls; set appointments; provide further incentives; make special offers; invite for tours; entertain potential clients, etc. Following your show with marketing is absolutely essential in meeting and exceeding objectives.

Following these key items will make your 10X10 trade show booth even though it is standard size into a very popular booth that people will remember long after the show. You need not be the biggest, most grandiose display to enjoy great success!

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